Stoves Made of Serpentino and Pietra Ollare of Valmalenco

Made following the artisan tradition, the stone stoves come in different sizes. They all have a solid cast iron firebox completely coated by stone: this type of processing allows outstanding thermal resistance and a high absorption of heat, which is maintained for more than 8/15 hours after the wood has been used. Our company offers the chance to customize our products.

Funerary Items

We make funerary items entirely made of stone with the opportunity to choose among different patterns and finishes: polished, bush-hammered, flamed, sandblasted finishes. We specialize in handmade split-face monuments.

Construction and Furnishing

The processing of columns, mosaics, slabs, flat surfaces for bathrooms and kitchens, washbasins, floors, stairs is carried out according to artisan tradition and is custom-made so as to adapt to any kind of external covering and furniture solution.

Sculptures and objects made of Pietra Ollare of Valmalenco

We make perfect sculptures for both interior design and external spaces. This kind of processing is hand-made and carried out with the numerical control machines of the latest generation. Moreover, we make small objects made of Pietra Ollare of Valmalenco, which are perfect for the furnishing of houses, businesses and as gift ideas.

The laveggio (lavèc) made of Pietra Ollare of Valmalenco

The "laveggio", or in local dialect lavèc, is among the objects that best represent the tradition of Valmalenco. This pot, which in the past was the only one used inside the houses in the towns of the Alpine Arc, is well known for its great refractory properties (slow acquisition and loss of heat) which make it perfect to cook stews, pot roasts, roasts, game, soups and all those types of food that require to be cooked slowly. Similar to the above-mentioned pot are the griddles for stakes, or in local dialect piòde, made of Pietra Ollare of Valmalenco. These stake pans allow food to be cooked in a healthy way and without dressings.
Before using the "laveggio" (lavèc)
Before using your "laveggio", it is necessary to spread oil, butter or lard on the external and internal part of the object (in the past, egg white was used), then let the pot absorb the above substances for a few days. The first time you use it, it is advisable to prepare vegetable soups or boiled meat or fill the "laveggio" only with water, then put it in an electric oven, making the temperature rise in two hours (100, 150 and 200 degrees). This process enables a regular dilation and prevents the creation of cracks.
Use and Maintenance
While coking food, it is necessary to use the "laveggio" with a flame spreader and not to add cold water. After having used the pot, it is important to let it cool, thus preventing it from undergoing sudden changes in temperature or bumps. The "laveggio" must be washed after cooling by using neutral non-abrasive cleaner.

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