pietra ollare (firestone)

The adjective ollare, which comes from Latin aula/ae=pot, indicates a whole range of soft stones that are heat-proof and easy to process. Known for centuries, these types of stones can easily be processed for homeware and complementary furnishings. In particular, the Pietra Ollare of Valmalenco is made of both talcschists and chloritoschists, both of which are rocks strictly connected with serpentinites. Ital Export Valmalenco co-owns the only firestone quarry in a location called Pirlo, situated over Chiesa in Valmalenco.


The firestone of Pirlo is a compact variety of chloritoschists, 95% of which is composed of a thick felt of very small chlorite plates. The most recent analyses of the chlorite that composes the firestone of Pirlo qualify it as an iron variety of clinochlore (ripidolite), to which other minerals are associated, such as magnetite, important for its resistance as a "fire stone", epidote, apatite, titanite, talc, pyrite, etc.

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